A Little

Matcha Forest

in Rotterdam.

Forest Hightea (reservation required)

Our hightea needs to be pre-ordered by sending us an email, calling us or Facebook messaging us. Please place your order 5 days in advance for certainty. Minimal 2 people.

1. Sakura Hightea (March-April Spring Special)

Full: € 27.00/p.p. Mini: € 19.00/p.p.

Sakura Calpis Soda
[Cake Roll]
Beetroot | Blackberry
[Hanami Cheese Cake]
Raspberry | Blackberry | Yoghurt
Stewed Apple | Strawberry
[Jelly *]
Almond Tofu | Lychee Jelly | Salted Sakura
[Pound Cake *]
Matcha & English Tea
[Dorayaki *]
Beetroot | Sweetened Red Beans
[Small Bites]
Cookies | Earl Grey Nama Chocolate
[Sth Savory]
Daily Japanese Sandwich
[2h Unlimited Loose Tea]
Choose from our Tea Menu

Full: € 27.00/p.p
Mini: € 19.00/p.p. (exclude items with *)
Reservation Required

2. Matcha Lover Hightea (€ 24.50/p.p)

Example menu:
- Matcha chocolate and cookie
- Matcha pound cake
- Matcha cake of the day
- Matcha cake roll
- Matcha dorayaki
- Matcha pudding
- Matcha Tamagoyaki with seasoned gyokuro tea leaves
- Premium green tea

Please read our Q&A for more info about Hightea reservation and cancellation policy.