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A Little

Matcha Forest

in Rotterdam.

Round Cake

We also have sliced round cakes everyday in shop. The entire round cakes below can be pre-ordered by sending us an email, calling usor Facebook messaging us. Please place your order 5 days in advance for certainty.

For further information, please read our Q&A.

Swirl Cake
(8 inch)
Decorated Swirl Cake
(8 inch)
Matcha Cheese Cake
(8 inch)
Jasmine Lemon Mousse
(8 inch)
Flower Mousse Cake
Sponge Cake Base, Yoghurt cheese cake & Floral Jelly, Flavours varies each season (8 inch)
Autumn Forest
Earl Grey Cheese Cake, Matcha Baravois, Oreo and Chestnut (8 inch)
Surprise! / Weekend Only
Visit our shop to be surprised!