Signature Cake Rolls

Our cake rolls are fluffy and light with low sugar. We use natural colourings, homemade sauce and seasonal ingredients. We love to do experiment with new combinations. That is why we often have some new cake roll flavours. The entire cake rolls below can be pre-ordered by sending us an email, calling us or Facebook messaging us.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or read our Q&A.
* Price below is per slice/roll. Sliced cakes are only available in our café.

- Matcha Cake - Matcha Cream - Red Beans
Matcha Yuzu
- Matcha Cake - Japanese Lemon Cream
Mr. Black
- Bamboo Charcoal Cake - Matcha Cream
Matcha Strawberry
- Matcha Cake - Matcha Cream - Fresh Strawberries
Fruit Garden
- Matcha Cake - Honey Cream - Kiwi, Mango and Strawberry
Miss Rood
- Natural Coloured Red Cake - Raspberry Cream - Fresh Strawberries
- Cacao Cake - Chocolate Cream - Fresh Banana
Mango Tango
- Blackberry Cake - Yuzu Cream - Mango
Lemon Vanilla
- Cake with Lemon Peels - Lemoncurd Layer - Vanilla Cream
Hoji Sand
- Hojicha Cake - Seasalt-Oreo Cream
- Cacao & Baileys Cake - Seasalt-Oreo Cream - Oreo Topping
My Sweet Heart
- Cacao & Natural Coloured Cake - Sweet Potato Cream
- Blackberry Cake - Earl Grey Cream - Rose Topping
Christmas Special
Sold out! - Cacao Cake - Matcha Cream - Fresh Strawberries
Lunar New Year Special
Sold out! Left: Matcha cream+ Red beans Right: Red bean cream + Strawberries
Design Your Own
Please have a look at our Q&A