Hi! We are Round&Round!

Round&Round Cakes and Crafts,

A cross-cultural lifestyle with a sense of cuteness.

With handmade baked goods and crafts for daily use,

expressing look, feel and taste of nature,

low fat, low sugar, natural colouring and no artificial  ingredients.


* Cake rolls

- Matcha (Green tea) & Strawberry

- Matcha & Red beans

- Orange

- Chocolate & Banana

- Coffee & Baileys

- Red yeast rice & Cream cheese

- Bamboo charchol & Vanilla & Fruits

- Seasonal fruit

- Gluten free specials

* Other cakes

* Wedding cake tower

* Catering

* Designed for you

* Made to order

Have a special idea? Wanna have a

special pattern on the rolls? or you are

going to have a special occasion? Just

let us know, our cake designer will

design the cakes with you.

At current stage, our cakes are made

to order.

Please email or call us to confirm the order, 3 days (for small scale) / 1 week (for big scale) in prior to pick-up date.

About Us

We are Bing & Chao, two Chinese girls who are living in the Netherlands. Based on our cross cultural background, we would like to bring something new and inspiring to cake lovers in Holland. We design our own recipes and we try to give our cakes a soft texture with natural flavours. We also lower down the amount of sugar and fat in our cakes,

so you won’t feel too guilty after eating :P


“ Look cute, and taste good.” We hope that our cakes will bring you a good mood, just like walking round and round in a little forest.











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