A Little

Matcha Forest

in Rotterdam.

We are Matcha Lovers

We love Matcha.
We use premium Matcha from Japan.


Matcha is our passion. We have been to tea farms, tea factories and matcha shops in Japan and China several times for enriching our matcha knowledge. We want to explore all the possibilities of using matcha, and bring complete matcha experience to people in the Netherlands.

What is Matcha?

Where our matcha originally comes from.

Matcha is a type of green tea powder. It is made of the youngest, finest leaves that are carefully handpicked and ground slowly to ensure that it retains its high nutritional value.

How is Matcha made?

Our Matcha Powder

In 2017, we launched our own matcha powder.

NO.101 Mt. Fuji: The tea leaves of this selected matcha is cultivated at the foot of Mt. Fuji.
The dried leaves are carefully ground by the stone mill to prevent heating by friction so as to make high quality powdered green tea.

Region: Shizuoka, Japan
Recommended direction: Drinking, Premium Baking
Price: € 19.90 / 50g

Colour Brightness:
Colour Saturation:

NO.201 Premium Baking: Our selected premium baking matcha will add a rich flavour and vivid colour to your baking. Of course you can also make drinks with it.

Region: Mie, Japan
Recommended direction: Premium Baking
Price: € 13.50 / 50g

Colour Brightness:
Colour Saturation:

Our Matcha Ceremony Workshop

We host matcha/tea ceremony and other workshops regularly.
Please check out our Workshop & Event page or facebook page for more info.