A Little

Matcha Forest

in Rotterdam.

2020 Lunar New Year Special

It is almost Lunar New Year (Chinese Spring Festival) again! From now on, you can order our beloved Spring Festival Special Cake Roll.

This year we got 2 flavors for you.

1 [Golden Rat Year 金鼠献瑞]

Flavour: Red yeast rice powder colored cake, Red bean cream, Strawberry; Topped with Vanilla cream, Mouse head cookie, Raspberry and Blueberry.

2 [Happiness is here 福气临门]

Flavour: Red yeast rice powder colored cake, Matcha cream and Red beans.

Size: Only complete roll can be pre-ordered. One complete roll is 24cm long, can be cut into 7-8 slices.

Price:€ 23,50 per roll

Shelf life: 3 days (below 5 °C)

Please fill in the form below to order. A confirmation email will be sent to you once your order is confirmed.

For short-notice orders, you can always email or call us to check availability of the day.