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Matcha Forest

in Rotterdam.

New Harvest Shincha/Sencha Workshop


Sunday, Jun 23, 2019


09:00 - 10:00


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In June we are glad to host our yearly new harvest Shincha/ Sencha Tea Ceremony workshop.

Host: Takahide Suzuki

Time: June 23rd (Sunday), 2019 11:00 - 12:00


  • Welcome tea tasting: Premium Sencha Tea

  • Small Sencha lecture: the host will introduce us the history of Japanese green tea and sencha, the culture background of sencha and knowledge of green tea types.

  • Introduction about Shizuoka which is the biggest tea industry area in Japan.

  • Sencha tasting & feeling: the host will use Sencha and Shaded high quality Gyokuro tea for tasting. After tasting, the host will show some more kinds of Sencha. The participant can find what is the difference of each Sencha with smell and looks.

  • Shincha(new harvest tea) tasting

  • Special taste of Gyokuro: the host will introduce a special way of tasting gyokuro tea leaves by adding soy sauce and Katsuobushi seasonings.

  • Making your own sencha tea: pouring your own sencha. On the side, you will enjoy our Round & Round special spring sweets.

  • Q&A: Do you have any questions about sencha or Japanese tea? Feel free to ask in our Q&A part at the end of the workshop!

Maximal: 8 people

Fee: 25 euro/p.p. Including Japanese sweets.

Please send email to [email protected] to register. Please register at least 3 days in advance.