A Little

Matcha Forest

in Rotterdam.

Christmas Special: Origami Workshop


Sunday, Dec 15, 2019


09:30 - 11:00


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Our favourite season is coming up with a sense of geometry around the town. Yes, we are talking about Christmas stars ☆ and shiny balls ◕ in pure geometry on Christmas trees. Yes, yes yes, it’s another crafting season of Modular Origami.

In this coming up workshop, our host Maki will instruct you two types: “a Star out of Pentagon” paper and “a Pleat Ball” for Christmas decorations. First a Pentagon Star for you to practise folding paper and to experience the logic and the magic of Origami. Then a Pleat Ball, a little bit more challenging. A pleat ball is folded in modular precisely out of a sheet of paper.

It will be your nice Sunday morning mindfulness or your practise to cope with panic and struggle from some repetitive and intolerant works in order. Don’t worry. You will be compensated with nice tea and delicious sweet bites of Round and Round. You will make it:)

Let our mathematical sense awake in this workshop and prepare for Christmas Holidays! It will be a “gezellige” time together(❁´◡`❁)!


Time: December 15th (Sunday) 10:30–12:00


  • A short story of Origami.

  • Paper will be provided.

  • Instructions.

  • Craft a Pentagon Star and a Pleat Ball per person.

  • Please bring a cutting mat or something like very flat and smooth surfaces (such as magazines), and your OLD credit/bank card. A ruler as you like.

  • Extra to bring: your guts ᕦʕ •ᴥ•ʔᕤ and awaken fingers

Maximal: 8 people

Workshop fee: 19.50 euro/p.p. (Include Japanese tea and chocolate)

How to sign up: A pre-payment is needed for signing up. Please send email to [email protected], we will send payment details back to you.

Please register at least 5 days in advance.