Cakes & Sweets

Below are the cakes that can be ordered in advance online, and pick-up in our shop.

One entire cake roll is about 22cm long. One cake roll slice is about 3cm long. We can slice your entire roll order into slices, usually in 7 pieces. If needed, please leave a note when you checkout.

We highly recommend to order in advance for centainty. It is also easier for us to prepare for you. We will pack your order in advance so the pick-up process will be faster.

You can also just drop by during our opening hours to buy cakes and drinks for take away.

Please mind social distancing. We only allow 1 guest drop in each time. Thank you for your understanding!

[Seasonal Special]



[Available till October 4th]

  • Matcha & Yolk Moon Cake x 1

  • Hojicha Chestnut & Yolk Moon Cake x 1

  • Classic Red Bean Peanut Moon Cake x 1

  • Bamboo Charcoal Taro Moon Cake x 1

  • Orange Madeleine x 2

Autumn Day Roll



  • Cacao Cake

  • Vanilla Chestnut Cream

  • Milk Tea Jelly

  • Milk Tea Cream Topping

Mille Crepes

Matcha Yuzu Mille Crepes



20 layers of paper thin handmade crepes

Top grade matcha cream

Japanese Yuzu Puree

Cake Rolls

Just Peachy Roll



[Seasonal Special]

Beet root coloured cake

Lemon curd cream

Homemade white peach Calpis milky jelly

Peach pieces

Miss Rood



Beet root coloured cake

Raspberry cream

Fresh Holland Strawberry

Mid-Summer Roll



[Seasonal Special]

Matcha Cake

Jasmine Oolong cream


Coach Music Roll



Coffee & Hojicha Cake

Caramel Cream

Vanilla Milky Pudding




Matcha Cake

Matcha Cream

Red Beans

Matcha Yuzu



Matcha Cake

Japanese Lemon Cream

Mango Tango



Blackberry Cake

Yuzu Cream


Ms. Grey



Blackberry Cake

Earl Grey Cream

Rose Topping

Other Cakes & Sweets

Japanese Yuzu Cheese Cake



Pure Matcha Cheese Cake



Premium Matcha

Swirl Cake



Lemon-Lime cheese cream

Matcha sponge cake

Matcha Nama Chocolate Box


Pure Matcha

White Chocolate

Surprise Box


2 slices of daily cake rolls

1 slice of daily round cake