Birthday Cakes

* In month December, Birthday cake styles on this page will not be available.

Please choose a style from "December round cakes" .

Our Birthday cakes are made of fresh ingredients. The chiffon cake base gives it a very soft texture. Based on the style below, you can choose your preferred cake base flavours and filling fruit.

Ordering time:

  • Pick up on Wednesday: Order before Monday 17:00

  • Pick up on Thursday: Order before Tuesday 17:00

  • Pick up on Friday: Order before Wednesday 17:00

  • Pick up on Saturday: Order before Thursday 17:00

  • Pick up on Sunday: Order before Friday 17:00

* Please keep the cakes in the fridge and finish it within 2 days for the best taste 😊

Cake Sizes

All the cakes below are available in 3 sizes. Please understand that the final look of each size could be slightly different.

  • 6″ Cake ⌀ 15cm (6 - 8 servings)

  • 8″ Cake ⌀ 20cm (8 - 10 servings)

  • 10″ Cake ⌀ 25cm  (12 - 14 Servings)


After you choose your cake style, there are some options on the details page.

Cake Base: You can choose the flavour of the cake base (Matcha, Cacao or Vanilla)

Filling fruit: There will be one layer of fruit inside the cake. You can also leave it out if you like.

Message Tag: We offer pre-printed Happy Birthday paper tag on the cake. If you want to put on your own message, it will be written by us on a same size paper tag. Please leave your message in the Pick-up Notes when you check out.