Round & Round Hightea Menu

Full version: 33 euro/p.p.
Mini version: 24 euro/ p.p. (Exclude items with *)

  • [Starter] Lavender Calpis soda
  • [Daily Cake Rolls]
  • [Daily Signature Cakes]
  • [Stewed Apple Tart with fruit topping]
  • [Seasonal Pudding *]
  • [Passion Fruit Pound Cake *]
  • [Dorayaki *]
  • [Matcha Hojicha Cookies]
  • [Matcha Nama Chocolate]
  • [Daily Japanese Sandwich]
  • [2h Unlimited Tea from Tea Menu]

Hightea Time:

We serve High-tea from Wednesday to Sunday.
First round 12:00-14:15, we suggest you book your start time no later than 12:45.
Second round 14:30-16:45, we suggest you book your start time no later than 15:15.

How to reserve:

  1. Reservation can be made via email Please mention which type of high-tea(Full or Mini), your preferred start time and your phone number.
  2. Minimal 2 people.
  3. Please reserve 2 working days in advance for certainty.

Cancellation policy:

If you want to cancel, please let us know at least 24 hours prior to your booking time. Otherwise 50% of the high-tea value will be charged.


Please let us know ASAP once you book your hightea, we will take care of it.