Price: 37 euro/p.p.

  • [Starter] Homemade soda

  • [Daily Cake Rolls]

  • [Daily Signature Cakes]

  • [Stewed Apple Tart with fruit topping]

  • [Seasonal Pudding]

  • [Passion Fruit Pound Cake]

  • [Dorayaki]

  • [Homemade Cookies]

  • [Nama Chocolate]

  • [Daily Japanese Sandwich]

  • [2 hours 5 rounds tea from the Tea Menu]

Hightea Time

We serve High-tea from Wednesday to Sunday. First round 12:00-14:15, we suggest you book your start time no later than 12:45. Second round 14:30-16:45, we suggest you book your start time no later than 15:15.

How to reserve

  1. Reservation can be made via email [email protected]. Please mention your preferred start time and your phone number.

  2. For 2-8 people. For group more than 8 people, please contact us.

  3. Please reserve 2 working days in advance for certainty.

Cancellation policy

If you want to cancel, please let us know at least 24 hours prior to your booking time.

If you will be late, please contact us. Usually we can keep your table for 30 mins, later than 30 mins you may need to wait for an available table.

If you simply do not show up to a booked Hightea without contacting us or consecutively late you may not be able to make any future appointments.

Thank you for understanding.


Please let us know ASAP once you book your hightea, we will take care of it.